Forlongs Accounts

Benefits of Forlongs Accounts Include:

  • No minimum purchase amount
  • No booking or membership fees on accounts
  • No establishment fees or annual account fees
  • 12 Months interest free period**
  • Reward dollars on your purchases instore
  • Multiple payment methods
**Some exclusions and conditions apply.
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How it Works

A Forlongs account operates as a rolling credit facility that gives you flexibility to charge purchases at your convenience so long as the balance on your account does not exceed a predetermined credit limit. You are required to make a payment every month to your Forlongs account.
You have the option to pay the required minimum of 4% of your balance each month or choose to pay your purchase off within the interest free period as outlined on your monthly statement.
An increase to the credit limit can be considered by applying to our Customer Service Office.

Credit Terms & Conditions

Credit terms and conditions apply. Our team would be happy to answer any queries, so please phone 07 847 9089 ext 8 or visit our Customer Service Office in-store.

By signing the application form you give us permission to disclose certain personal information to a credit reporting agency in order to carry out reasonable checks to confirm your credit status before accepting your application. Forlongs Furnishings Limited withholds the right to decline an application. Use of your card means that you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Forlongs Furnishings Limited may change the terms and conditions at any time but will notify all account holders affected.

If your account becomes overdue we will, at our discretion, suspend credit until all overdue amounts are paid, or close the account. All cards issued on the account remain the property of Forlongs Furnishings Limited and should be returned on request. We retain the right to provide information relating to overdue accounts to independent credit agencies if we consider it necessary to recover the amounts due to us. Any charges incurred through engaging a debt collection agency may be passed on to the account holder.
Our current interest rate is 19.9%.

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Forlongs Accounts

Forlongs Card Partner Stores

You can use your Forlongs card with our external partners to finance your purchases on your Forlongs account. Simply visit the Partner Store with your Forlongs card and they will process the sale to your account.
Please click here to view our list of Partners and read the promotional terms involved

Updating Account Details

Please login to update your account details online.

Changes to the system

At Forlongs we run our own Revolving credit system, many of our customers appreciate the freedom to spread their payments out over time.
We have made some changes to the system to ensure that customers are meeting the 4% minimum monthly payment threshold.

What has changed? If a customer misses the 4% amount for a month, the following month they will be charged a low payment penalty.
Why are we doing this? It is important that our customers keep on top of their account payments and make regular payments towards the balance of their account. We want to encourage our customers to keep up good habits to preserve their good credit rating. When customers get behind on their payments our accounts team put a lot of effort into chasing up and reminding customers of the account requirement.
Is this a new charge? The Terms of the Forlongs accounts have always allowed for a penalty and text reminders have alerted customers this would happen. From the 24th of July the penalty will be applied.
What is the Minimum Requirement?
We allow customers to manage their own account and choose their payment amount and timeframe for paying off their goods with only 2 rules.
• Customers must make at least one payment each month.
• Total payments within the month must be at least 4% of the account balance or $40 (whichever is greater).
Effective 12.6.2024

Forlongs Finance Team

Our Team are here to help with any account queries.
Customer Service Office hours are Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 4pm
Phone: 07 847 9089 ext 8
Customer Service Desk is located inside the shop at 6 Rawhiti Street
Please click here to start the application process online.
Apply for your own Forlongs Account

Apply for your own Forlongs Account

You can start the application process for your very own Forlongs account online.
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