When we collect information about you, we are committed to comply with the Privacy Act 1993 to the letter. It’s all in our Privacy Policy.

We've found that the best way to run Forlongs is to know a little bit about you. So to help us get to know you we'll collect information about who you are and how you interact with our website, forlongs.co.nz. Thing is, there are all sorts of rules involved in keeping and using your details and it's really important to us that your personal information is respected. So whenever we collect information, we'll always look after it, and comply with New Zealand's Privacy Act.

The following is a rundown of what those privacy rules are and how we plan to follow them. It's pretty dry - but that's policy for you.

First up - the basics.
Whenever we say "we", "us", or "our" we mean Forlongs Limited. And anytime we say "you" we are talking about you, the person out there, on forlongs.co.nz, doing what you're doing. We call our website "forlongs.co.nz" and whenever we talk about "Forlongs" (without the Limited) we are referring to forlongs.co.nz and all the things we make available for you to see and do on forlongs.co.nz.

How do we collect information?
Usually we'll just ask you directly. It's the best way to find out who you are. But we'll also find out stuff from others. Plus, when you use Forlongs, our network will automatically generate some information about you. That might sound kind of scary but really it's not. Here is a list of the kinds of information we collect and how we collect it:

Information you tell us: When you choose to enter information while on Forlongs we receive and hold that information. This includes forms you complete, emails you send or any other contact you make with us about Forlongs. For example: Your Forlongs Profile, Consumer Reviews, Competitions and Polls, Your Cart, Your Friends, other Forlongs Community activities, your Feedback and any other contacts with Forlongs.co.nz.

There is one important exception - we don't receive or hold your credit card details. Forlongs uses Payment Express, the best practice online payment system operated by DPS (Direct Payment Solutions Limited). This is a PCI DSS certified agency, who receive and process your credit card payments in the Forlongs shopping cart. DPS hosts and manages the payment page, which is secured by its own SSL certificate. Your credit card details are stored by DPS and only transmitted to the appropriate credit card agency for processing. It's only the first six and last two digits of a credit card that are supplied to retailers so they can manage your order.

Information generated through Forlongs: The Forlongs network automatically generates certain types of information when you use Forlongs. We receive and hold that information. To do this we mostly use "Cookies" as they help us to keep track of where you go and what you like about Forlongs.
Cookies are little bits of information that Forlongs (and other websites) send to your browser. Your computer can then store that on the system you use to access Forlongs. You can disable cookies via your browser preferences (you'll need to do this yourself as we're not responsible for your browser). Thing is, if you disable cookies you won't be able to log-in to Forlongs and get the most out of the personalisation and other stuff that logged-in users can use.

Information we get from others: Some of our business partners will also give us information about you that we hold on to. For example, Shopping that you started on Forlongs but finished at the Retailer's website; Information about the fulfillment of any orders you make on Forlongs; information from other Telecom companies about you; and information from credit agencies to help us recover and report on money you owe.

So who gives us permission?
You do. By choosing to use Forlongs, you're telling us you're happy for us to collect, use and disclose information about you and your use of Forlongs for various Forlongs related things that we'll explain a bit further down.

Of course, you don't have to tell us everything we ask for or anything at all really. But Forlongs does work best when we know a bit about you. And sometimes if you don't give us some of the information we ask for, bits of Forlongs won't work at all. But we will always tell you if that is the case.

You can opt out of receiving Forlongs communications at any time by clicking on the link in your profile at any time or using the "unsubscribe" option in one of our Forlongs comms. We'll then remove you from the distribution list as quickly as we can.

Why are we collecting your information?
Our plan is to make it easy for buyers like you to find stuff that you like, and help sellers find buyers like you who are interested in their stuff. It's not rocket science. In order to do this, and make Forlongs the best it can be, we may use your personal information for different purposes connected with Forlongs. As an example (but not an exhaustive list) this may include:

  • Processing your membership application (obviously!).
  • Processing your order and making sure you get the goods.
  • Finding out who visits Forlongs to check if our advertising is working and find out who likes which bits best.
  • Making sure we can offer you more of the products and services that you will like.
  • Finding out what products and gifts are most popular on Forlongs and that helps us to provide many of our special Forlongs features like Featured Products etc.
  • Keeping you up to date. That means sending emails and other messages about what's happening on Forlongs, special deals, any reminders you ask us to send you and other stuff you might like to know.
  • Keeping the Forlongs Community an up to date and relevant place to be
  • Enforcing our legal rights (the lawyers added that bit).

Who will we tell?
Occasionally we may disclose your information to others, but only for the purposes described in this policy - or for legal reasons (we explain this further on). These "others" include (but aren't limited to): our related companies; communications network operators; research and/or marketing companies or agencies; credit reference and/or debt collection agencies; advertisers and selected business partners. They don't include the scary people who kidnap small children on the set of Lost.

Forlongs Retailers: When you shop on Forlongs you are buying direct from the s\retail store. So it's the retail store who will manage and fulfill your order. To make this possible we'll share your information that is relevant to the actual transaction with the retailer. Things like your contact details, delivery address, order details and the first six and last two digits of your credit card so they can manage your order.

Third Party Service Providers: Some of the features and services available on Forlongs are provided by third parties employed by us. Things like receiving and processing your credit card payments, providing customer service, helping us with Forlongs communications and providing credit assistance. We'll share any relevant information with these parties, but only so that they can do the job their doing for us. Plus, credit reporters may include credit checks and any defaults in payment relating to Forlongs in their databases and share this information with others who wish to conduct credit checks on you.

Forlongs Marketing Partners: Sometimes we will send special offers or information to our registered Forlongs members on behalf of our marketing partners. We don't share your information with these marketing partners they simply send communications through us. And remember you can opt out of Forlongs communications at any time.

The Law: If we think it is necessary, for example we are concerned about security or fraudulent activity, we can disclose your information to relevant law enforcement authorities, such as the Police or the Department of Internal Affairs. This may also include exchanging information with relevant international agencies.

How safe is my information?
As safe as we can make it. We make sure all personal information is exchanged via SSL to guard against access by third parties during transmission. We don't receive and hold your credit card details. Instead we use the experts, Payment Express, the best practice online payment system operated by DPS (Direct Payment Solutions Limited) a PCI DSS certified agency, to receive and process your credit card payments in the Forlongs shopping cart. DPS hosts and manages the payment page, which is secured by its own SSL certificate. Your credit card details are stored by DPS and only transmitted to the appropriate credit card agency for processing. The first six and last two digits of a credit card are supplied to retailers to help them manage your order.

Rights of access
Under the Privacy Act 1993, you have the right to ask to see the information we hold about you. And if you notice that any of your details are incorrect just ask us to correct those for you.

This doesn't apply to other websites.

It's a good idea to check the privacy statement on any website you visit, even those you link to from Forlongs.co.nz. We aren't responsible for the privacy or information collection practices of any websites other than forlongs.co.nz. This includes the websites of Forlongs retailers (if you click through to the retailer direct) and DPS.

Changes to our Policy
We may update or revise this policy at any time. If so, we'll just post those changes here, and they'll take effect as soon as they're posted. It's your job to check this policy regularly for any modifications or updates. We'll assume you've done that, and you accept our current policy each time you choose to use Forlongs.

So, in summary:
We'll make notes about who you are and what you like to buy, but only to make your Forlongs experience better. Occasionally we'll pass on your information to other people who help us make Forlongs better or to protect Forlongs and the Forlongs community.