Forlongs Card Partner Stores

You can use your Forlongs card with our external partners to finance your purchases with them on your Forlongs account.
Partner store purchase items differ from Forlongs store purchases. The available 30+ stores are grouped in relation to the promotional terms.

Group 1
No interest free terms available on purchases from these stores from 1st October 2022. The interest rate of 17% p.a. applies from the date of purchase.

Group 2:
A financing margin of 30% will be applied to purchases at point of sale. The purchase has 12 months interest free.
The partner-store will provide you with the total amount of the transaction (including the margin) which you accept by inputting your Personal Identification Number (PIN) a 2nd time.


Partner Stores

How to use your card

You can use your Forlongs card to purchase products and services with these third party providers. Simply visit our partner stores and they can process the transaction as long as you have sufficient credit on your Forlongs Account.

Some terms and conditions apply, specific to their lending criteria. Your purchases will show as per normal on your monthly statement.

Please note that Partner store purchases are excluded from the Christmas Meat Gift offer.
Call us on phone: 07 847 9089
Visit our store and our experienced staff will be happy to help
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