Forlongs Rewards

Earning Rewards
Forlongs account holders accumulate Forlongs Reward Dollars with each purchase. For example: spend $100, you will earn 1 Forlongs Reward Dollar.
Spend $1,000, earn 10 Forlongs Reward Dollars.

Redeeming Rewards
Forlongs Reward Dollars can be redeemed in store at Forlongs. Just ask your salesperson at the time of purchase and they can advise your rewards balance. There is no need to join up, all Forlongs personal account holders have automatic membership to the reward program and will accumulate rewards on purchases that are linked to their Forlongs account.

Forlongs Rewards (including Birthday rewards) cannot be redeemed on the same purchase as the Christmas Meat Gift offer. Customers can choose to either: a) use their Rewards on the purchase and not qualify for the Christmas Meat Gift, OR b) not use the Rewards on the purchase and qualify for Christmas Meats as per normal offer criteria.

Birthday Rewards
Plus as a thank you for shopping with us, birthday vouchers have also been reactivated and we will add 30 Forlongs Reward Dollars to your balance each year on your birthday month.

Please see below for answers to frequently asked questions. Remember you don’t need to do anything to join to the program - just shop at Forlongs to start enjoying the benefits of Forlongs Rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Just shop at Forlongs using your account and you will automatically begin to accumulate reward dollars.
For example: spend $100, you will earn 1 Forlongs Reward Dollar.
Spend $50, earn 0.5 Forlongs Reward Dollar.
Spend $1,000, earn 10 Forlongs Reward Dollars.

How do I sign up?
No sign up is required; Forlongs personal account holders will automatically earn rewards on purchases. No loyalty card is required as everything is automated and linked to your account number.

How are rewards redeemed?
Your account statement will show your rewards balance and once you have earned 5 reward dollars you can begin to redeem on your next purchase. At point of purchase our salespeople can advise you of your rewards balance and if you wish to use rewards, they can apply the discount to your purchase.
For example:
Redeem 5 Forlongs Reward Dollars = $5 discount off the retail price at Forlongs.
Redeem 20 Forlongs Reward Dollars = $20 off retail price.

Will my reward dollars expire?
You can choose to redeem rewards or save for a later date e.g. save up for special purchases. Reward Dollars will expire after 5 years from date of purchase.

What is the minimum purchase?
There is no minimum spend required when redeeming rewards but you must have accumulated at least 5 Forlongs Reward Dollars to start redeeming.

Can anyone with a Forlongs account earn Reward Dollars?
Rewards are earned on personal accounts only. Trade customers, insurance companies and overseas customers are excluded from the program.

Can I use my Reward Dollars to pay for an item that is already discounted or on special?
Yes. Reward Dollars can be used to pay for an item that is on sale or already discounted.

Can I spend my Forlongs Reward Dollars in other stores?
No. Forlongs Rewards Dollars are not cash and not legal tender; they only have value when redeemed at Forlongs by purchasing an item in store.

Can I use my Forlongs Reward Dollars to pay off my account?
No. Reward Dollars are not cash and cannot be used to pay off accounts or to buy a Gift Card. They can only be redeemed when making a new purchase at Forlongs.

Can I earn reward points if I am paying cash?
Yes, just make sure you give the salesperson your Forlongs account number so they can enter on the invoice. That way you earn rewards for your purchase.

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