How our website works

At Forlongs we have a large and diverse range of products from hundreds of suppliers. We use our website as a live catalogue to help our customers and sales team see the varieties available, and to show the pricing and product information.

There are some product types where it is not practical to have every option instock (i.e. duvet covers, watches, dining tables and whiteware etc), and we have limited in storage space so we do not always have everything in the store for you to take immediately. We try to have a good assortment of readily available products.

As we find out that supply is an issue for a range we have been changing categories to only show when in stock. i.e. Bikes and clothing are going through a supply issue so the ones showing on our site are only the ones we have instock. The ones on order will not show till received.

What does the green tick mean?
The green tick shows that this product is current in our system, with a drop down to add the quantity to your cart. This means we are able to order or supply from our stock.

What does a red cross or a zero beside the products mean?
Sometimes when you search for a product through google it directs you to a product page on our site which is not currently updated. We used to sell these products but we don’t have stock and our pricing is not updated. If there is no quantity to add or a red x means it should not be live on our site. As we discover these we remove them from our site

There is a green tick and qty of 1 but I want more than one?
If you are trying to purchase something and the website only allows you to choose a quantity of 1 you can contact the team to see if we can order more. Either by phoning the store or emailing We may need to confirm with the supplier that these are available before we process your order manually.

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