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The LIVALL C20 provides more visibility with increased lighting. Great for gifting by helping a loved one to enjoy their commute more with the SMART features, whilst also helping them be more visible to the surrounding traffic. Not forgetting the peace of mind for everyone at home with the SOS alert.
Key Features

Bright LED Lights
Helps to make you more visible on the road.

Brake Warning Lights
Activated when the built-in-gravity acceleration sensor detects a significant deceleration, the front, and rear lights will be enhanced for 3 seconds to draw attention from surrounding traffic.

Fall Detection Alert & SOS Alarm
The helmet detects a sudden acceleration or deceleration followed by no movement and recognises it as a fall, activating a 90 second countdown. If you are okay simply swipe the alarm off on your smartphone and the alarm is cancelled. Otherwise, when the timer runs out a SMS text message will be sent to your emergency contacts (which you set up in the app) automatically. The SMS text message will contain a GPS positioning link to show your location on a map.

Smart Lighting
The lights can be set to come on automatically in dark conditions- perfect for commuting.

Ensures maximum battery longevity, turning off automatically when the helmet is disconnected from the phone and has not been used for 15 minutes.

Rechargable Battery
Approximately 36 hours of lighting per charge (approximately 3 hour charge time).

Adjustable Fit
Fits a variety of head shapes and sizes. Shell Size: 57 – 61 cm (large).

Compatible with Strava, iHealth, and Siri: Through the LIVALL riding app.

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