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What makes evolution™ unique?
R129 – a standard that's a cut above the rest!
evolution™ has passed the newest EU car seat safety standard in the world. This means evolution™ has been tested to the HIGHEST, TOUGHEST & NEWEST standards that will ensure maximum safety when on the road!

Being R129, means evolution™ is i-Size ready:
it's all about the height of your kid – NOT weight or age;

enforces rear-facing for much longer, at least until 15mths (check out our other rear facing, i-Size car seat alpha™);

offers superior side impact and rotational protection;

allows continual correct installation into the car AT ALL TIMES.

To learn more about R129, click here.

To learn more about i-Size, click here.

i-Size – when length DOES matter!
It’s all about the height of your kid NOT weight or age! Removing this ambiguity that can confuse the smartest parent (!), allows you to focus solely on measuring your kid against a measuring tape to see when to swap to the next age&stage car seat more easily, making for a better and safer fit for your kid.

i-Size – rear face for longer!
There is an adjustable headrest height to easily lengthen for when your bub starts to grow taller, giving you much, much, much longer rear facing use of evolution™ (from 40-87cm - head to toe measurement of your bub, & this is around 15mths!) Also extends further for when front facing your taller tot!

i-Size – superior side protection!
evolution™ has gone through the NEWEST & THE MOST stringent side impact & rotational testing to ensure maximum protection in the event of a side collision. The seat also uses energy absorbing high impact EPP foam (not EPS). EPP while more expensive, is also much more flexible & less brittle than EPS, so it's less likely to crumble or break.

i-Size – security always with ISOFIX
columbus™ includes the ISOFIX base allowing you to properly install into the back seat of your car using the ISOFIX anchor points!

Note: If your car does not have ISOFIX anchor points, evolution™ is safe to use with the vehicle seat belt ONLY when your child is 100-150cm, & front facing.

i-Size – revolutionary SIPS
Along with high side protection and thick EPP foam that secures & nestles your bub safely in their car seat, along with the high-strength EPP foam for the headrest; the side of evolution™ by the head, has a Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) – a safety system that further protects your child’s head in the event of a side impact, absorbing the force to the car.

smooth operator
A seamless ability to adapt your car seat for your growing tot, with the simultaneous head & harness adjuster – no more taking off the fabric to re-thread the harness! Good news for all parents! #winning!

injection molding
The form & performance is on point with the injection molding of the car seat, allowing for a precise & smooth use of evolution™.

storage plus
Convenient compartments for storing away the tether strap (when not needed) & 5pt harness when your kid has graduated to using the vehicle seat belt.

Note: when your child is 100-150cm, front facing from 15mths onwards, they are able to use the vehicle seat belt.

handy bits&bobs
Also included are handy ISOFIX guides to help sync into your car, a seatbelt clip to hold your belt in place as you secure into your car & a fabric elf which allows you to easily put your fabric back on the car seat after a clean!


child height (head to toe)


evolution™ weight (seat and ISOFIX base)


evolution™ weight (includes newborn insert)


evolution™ seat dimensions (w x d)

30cm x 32cm

evolution™ seat back length


evolution™ seat width



10 years (from the manufactured date stamp on the car seat)

safety certified


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