Panasonic Econavi 465L Frg Frz 1764X675X708

Panasonic Econavi 465L Frg Frz 1764X675X708
Code: #NRBW465XSAU

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465 Litre Capacity
– 338 Litre Fridge, 127 Litre Freezer
ECONAVI & Inverter Technology
Anti-Bacteria and Deodorising Ag(Silver) Filter

The Panasonic NR-BW465XSAU is a 465 litre capacity high-end Refrigerator, with a bottom drawer style Freezer. It features Panasonic's smart Econavi energy saving technology, alongside a number of features designed to keep your food fresher for longer.

Econavi - Energy Saving Made Easy

A Refrigerator uses electricity non-stop, 24 hours a day. That's why high energy saving performance is required, especially with large capacity Refrigerators. Panasonic responded with the development of ECONAVI, a revolutionary energy saving technology that delivers a wide range of benefits without any troublesome settings.

This eco-conscious model has been given a three star energy rating.

Panasonic's Econavi technology uses a combination of four sensors to detect your usage patterns, and automatically adjusts energy
usage to ensure efficient operation and a smaller power bill.

1. Door Sensor - Detects the frequency of door opening/closing.

2. Light Sensor - Detects surrounding brightness. When lights are switched off, the sensor determines that the Refrigerator is not being used.

3. Room Temperature Sensor - Detects surrounding temperature.

4. Internal Temperature Sensor - Detects temperature inside Refrigerator to determine the required cooling power.

The highly intelligent microcomputer memorises and analyses information from the sensors. Using tens of thousands of processing patterns, it provides the optimum operation control to match the conditions of use.

User Friendly Design

Panasonic Refrigerators are packed full of functional design features to make your day-to-day usage more convenient.

Front Internal LED Lighting

Shines inwards from both sides to prevent shadows, making it easier to see items even when the Refrigerator is full.

Twist Ice Tray

Once ice cubes are ready, just twist the lever, to drop them into the ice box.

Height Adjustable Shelves

You can raise or lower shelves for more efficient storage and convenience.

High Humidity Vegetable Case - Keep Your Fruit And Vegetables Fresher For Longer

The vegetable case maintains a stable temperature and high humidity, ideal conditions for storing delicate fruits and vegetables to prevent them from drying out and keeps them moist and fresher for longer.

Indirect Cooling

Rather than using a direct flow of chilled air, an indirect cooling method is used to cool fruit & vegetables to prevent them drying out and helps to keep items fresher for longer.

Ag Clean - Keeps Your Fridge Clean & Healthy

The Ag filter cleans circulating air, to powerfully deactivate mould and bacteria, and reduce odours.


Ag Clean uses the anti-bacterial effects of silver, to keep food fresh by deactivating mould and bacteria.


An active enzyme effectively eliminates unwanted odours, keeping your Refrigerator smelling clean and food smelling fresh.


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