Bosch Induction Cooktop 80Cm Black Glass

Bosch Induction Cooktop 80Cm Black Glass
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DirectSelect: Direct, simple selection of the desired cooking zone, power and additional functions.
DirectSelect: easy to understand and even easier to operate.
DirectSelect: easy to understand and even easier to operate.
Thanks to the intuitive control panel, you can select the cooking zones and set the specific power level you want – directly and rapidly. Some model also feature a practical Energy Consumption Display as well as a QuickStart and ReStart-function.

CombiZone: More flexibility by combining two cooking zones with even heat distribution, for large roasters, pans and griddle plates.
PowerBoost: Up to 50% more power for faster heating.
PowerBoost: extra added power!
PowerBoost: extra added power!
Extra added power: The improved PowerBoost function in our induction cooktops adds even more power to speed up the cooking process. For example, you can now boil 2 litres of water almost three times as fast as on a conventional glass-ceramic cooktop.

ChildLock: locks the control panel to prevent accidental changes in settings.
ReStart: if something boils over, the cooktop automatically turns itself off and saves the last selected setting.

installation dimensions: (H/W/D) 51 mm x 750 mm x 490 mm
Appliance dimensions: (W/D) 816 mm x 527 mm

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