Payment Options

We try to make your repayments on Forlongs finance accounts as easy as possible by providing the following repayment options:

Direct Debit

Payments can be transferred from your bank account weekly, fortnightly or monthly, making this the simplest form of payment. Please call 07 847 9089 for details to arrange a direct debit form.

Internet Banking

Internet payments can be set up through your own bank's website. Select Forlongs finance to appear on your pre-assigned biller listing. All you need is your 6-digit account number as the link for that biller authority. Please note a separate biller code is required for each account you have with us.

Telephone Banking

To arrange Telephone Banking, please contact your bank for details. Payment codes are allocated for each Forlongs finance account by using your 6-digit account number. Please note a separate biller code is required for each account you have with us.

Bank Details

Bank: ASB Bank
Branch: Frankton
Name of Account: Forlongs Furnishings Ltd
Account Number: 12-3244-0005565-00
Payee Particulars: Your Surname and Initials
Payee Code: Forlongs
Payee Reference: Your Forlongs Account Number

Forlongs store payments

Forlongs finance accounts can be paid in person at the accounts counter at the Forlongs office, either by cash or Eftpos.

Repayments to suit your budget

The amount you pay each month towards your Forlongs finance accounts can vary to suit your budget and to make expensive times in your life, such as Christmas, more manageable. Here are some options:

  • Pay the minimum payment due which is either 4% of the balance or $40.00, whichever is the greater.
  • You can pay up to any amount you choose as long as it meets the minimum amount due.
  • Interest would be payable on any amount outstanding after the interest free period ends. By paying more than the minimum required payment amount you can reduce the amount of interest paid.

Payments in Australia

Customers living in Australia can make payments on their Forlongs account via the Commonwealth Bank of Australia using the details below:

Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Account number: 062000 14517672
Payee Particulars: Forlongs
Payee Code: Your Surname and Initials
Payee Reference: Your Forlongs Account Number


Each month you will receive a statement showing details of your purchases, the payments you have made, the total owing, the minimum amount to pay and the payment due date. You can pay by telephone bank transfer, direct credit, internet banking or visit the customer credit office to pay by cash, or by EFTPOS. (Please note: We do not accept telephone requests to pay by Credit card).
Call us on phone: 07 847 9089
Visit our store and our experienced staff will be happy to help
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