Xmas Hams on now

Xmas Hams on now

The Forlongs famous Ham Giveaway is on now

That time of year everyone looks forward to is on now. Get the great Forlongs tradition of free Xmas meat when you shop with Forlongs Home Center.

• Spend $250 for a free chicken
• Spend $600 for your choice of free beef roast or lamb leg
• Spend $800 for a free half ham
• Spend $900 for a free turkey

The promotion begins at 9am on Thursday 1st November 2018 and ends at 5.00pm on Monday 24th December 2018.

You can combine invoices together, but you need to make your choice before presenting to the meat counter as invoices can only be scanned once.

For Example if your combined invoices add up to $1200 you can choose from
Option 1 - 1x1/2 Ham and 1xChicken
Option 2 - 1xBeef Roast 1xLamb Leg
Option 3 - 1xLamb 2x Chickens

Please note: as we get closer to Christmas we may not be able to offer all options for meat - as sometimes supply is limited. So please collect your preferred choice as soon as it is available to ensure you do not miss out.

For ideas on what to purchase check out our weeks hot deals here https://www.forlongs.co.nz/specials/this-weeks-hot-deals

Xmas Hams on now

Christmas Meats Giveaway 2018 - Terms & Conditions

1. The promotion begins at 9am on Thursday 1st November 2018 and ends at 5.00pm on Monday 24th December 2018 (offer period).
2. To qualify (for the offer) a customer must spend $250 or more at Forlongs Home Center during the offer period.
3. The Offer. Free Christmas Meat Gifts will be issued to qualifying customers as follows: a) Spend $900 or more and receive your Turkey b) Spend $800 or more and receive your ½ Ham, c) Spend $600 or more and receive your choice of Lamb Leg or Beef Roast, d) Spend $250 or more and receive a Chicken.
4. To be issued with a Christmas Meat Gift, customers must present their qualifying invoice(s) with unique barcode. When the customer takes the Meat Gift the invoice(s) will be marked as taken and the barcode will only scan once.
5. A customer’s entitlement to a Meat Gift will be based on the invoice total (trade-ins and promotion discounts are taken off the total shown on invoice).
6. If an invoice is cancelled or credited and a customer has taken their Meat Gift, they will be charged for the cost of the meat.
7. Multiple Invoices: If a customer has more than one invoice they may either: a) take one Meat Gift for the total amount of the invoices or, b) take the appropriate Meat Gift for each individual invoice (note: all invoices have a unique barcode that will be scanned). Please note: You can only redeem Forlongs Home Center invoices at Forlongs Home Center meat station.
8. Christmas Meat Gifts may not be exchanged for any other items and cannot be redeemed for cash. Once the customer has taken their Meat Gift, it cannot be exchanged if they change their mind.
9. Christmas Meat Gifts are not transferable.
10. The Meat Gift must be collected within seven days of the purchase date, e.g. If a purchase is made on 14th November, Meat Gift must be collected on or before 21st November. The exception to this is when a purchase is made less than 7 days before the 24th December finish date, then the customer must collect the meat before 5:00pm on 24th December 2018.
13. Forlongs staff members are only eligible for this offer if they have not taken the staff discount option for their purchase.
14. Customers purchasing goods via Forlongs website are entitled to the Christmas Meat Gift but they must bring their invoice with unique barcode to Forlongs store in Rawhiti Street Frankton within a week of purchase to pick up their Christmas Meat Gift. We cannot deliver the meat due to food safety reasons.
15. We accept no responsibility if the Christmas Meats become unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control and if this occurs; we reserve the right to remove the offer without compensation.
16. The offer ends at 5:00pm on 24th December or while stocks last.
17. Acceptance of the Meat Gift is deemed as acceptance by the customer of these Terms and Conditions.

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