Forlongs & Forlongs Home Center

Forlongs & Forlongs Home Center

Forlongs & Forlongs Home Center will be following the government’s latest announcement and closing our retail doors from Wednesday 25th of March at 5pm.

Direct debits and Payments
Our credit control team will be working from home to help customers to adjust their payments etc. If you want to contact them email
Because of limited numbers of people working there may be delays in our responding to customers. But our team will do our best.

Forlongs website
We have over 8500 products available on our website, many of which we order in from suppliers who will also be on lockdown. If we have stock then we could set these aside for customers but will not be able to deliver or allow pick up of items until the lockdown has lifted. If the goods are to be ordered in from a supplier there may be price changes in effect as the currency affects goods on order.
We are currently working on approval as an essential goods supplier - see the link here.

Goods already on order for customers .
If we are able to receive items from suppliers these items will be kept safe in the store. We are not able to deliver or allow the pick up until the store reopens.

Call us on phone: 07 847 9089
Visit our store and our experienced staff will be happy to help
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