Zovii Alarmed Bike Lock 150Mm Length

Zovii Alarmed Bike Lock 150Mm Length
Code: #ZNU14-150

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rotect your bike from thieves using this sturdy Zovii U-Lock 150mm! Great for cyclists, this nifty tool features a solid zinc alloy lock body and a 14mm special carbide-reinforced steel U shackle. For added security, this lock highlights a 120dB anti-theft security alarm to alert you or bystanders nearby.

Key Features

Keep Robbers Away: Securely park your bike using this Zovii U-Lock 150mm! It features a solid lock body made from zinc alloy and a 14mm special carbide-reinforced steel U shackle to resist bolt cutters and leverage attacks. It also integrates a high-precision disc-style pin cylinder to prevent any pick and drill.
Alerts You: To warn you or people nearby, this Zovii U-Lock incorporates a 120dB anti-theft security alarm.
Safe For Bikes: This lock highlights a PVC U-bar cover to avoid damage or scratches to your bike’s paintwork.
Durable Build: The Zovii U-Lock 150mm is made with anti-rust materials and has an IP67 waterproof rating to withstand daily wear and tear.

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