Robinhood Supertub Slim Sized 350X562X900

Robinhood Supertub Slim Sized 350X562X900
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Slim tub for smaller laundries, with handy chrome wire basket

The Supertub ST6001SLIM is a slim tub design which includes a single-handed mixer tap and a large single drawer with a chrome wire basket. The ST6001SLIM has a clean flat surface area at the rear of the bowl, and has a lip designed to be tiled over. Not only will your Supertub look like an integrated part of your laundry, but more importantly, water splashes will naturally drain into the bowl. It also makes it simple to clean by just wiping down with a damp cloth.

Star features:
Single-handed tap (see water pressure specifications for flow rates)
Single drawer storage with a chrome wire basket
Compact tub for smaller laundries
Hidden internal connections supply washing machine with hot and cold water
Flexible water hoses for connection to wall plumbing
S trap to prevent drain odours
Side apertures for washing machine hoses
Satin finish powder-coated galvanised steel cabinet
Adjustable rubber feet
Seamless stainless steel bowl

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