E-Flex 3 Adjustable Queen Soft 30Cm Mattress


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The eFlex 3 has two electric motors – one to raise your head and another for your feet. Using the remote control, you can adjust the bed to suit your sleeping style and health needs.

Special features

German-designed motors and remote control
Height-adjustable feet (38.5cm to 48.5cm) to accommodate different mattress heights
5-year warranty for frame and parts.

The feet-up position is the best way to soothe aching feet and legs. It also helps with swollen legs or feet.


The head-up position is great for reading and breakfast in bed. Head-up also helps to minimise snoring and make breathing easier.


This knees-raised and head-raised position helps with back pain. It’s also a relaxing positon for watching TV and reading. If you struggle to get in and out of bed, this position can help.


Flat is best if you like to sleep on your side. You can make small adjustments to decrease pressure on your hips.

Want the perfect mattress for your eFlex 3 electric bed?

Designed specifically for use with the eFlex 3 electric bed, Dreamland’s iFlex 3 mattress gives you 30cm of luxury support that adjusts perfectly to any electric bed position.

The benefits of an electric bed

Relieve back pain
Alleviate sleep apnoea, asthma, and snoring
Reduce acid reflux and heartburn
Ease insomnia
Improve digestion
Enhance circulation
Relieve arthritis aches and pains
Reduce leg swelling

A purpose-built luxury mattress for electric beds

The comfort and health benefits of an electric bed are maximised when you choose a Dreamland iFlex 3 memory foam and latex hybrid mattress.

Designed specifically for use with electric beds, the iFlex 3 gives you 30cm of luxury support that adjusts perfectly to any electric bed position.

Extra-deep comfort

Most mattresses for electric beds are between 20 and 25cm deep. The Dreamland iFlex is 30cm deep, for luxurious support and comfort.

Three-layer technology

The base layer of the iFlex 3 is cut into vertical segments that adjust readily to the contours of your electric bed. When you raise the head or foot of the bed, the mattress will instantly conform perfectly to the shape of the bed base.
The middle layer of the iFlex is natural latex, which is anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. You’ll love the support that latex provides; it’s famous for helping with back pain.
The top layer of the iFlex is memory foam, which shapes itself to your shape for personalised comfort.

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